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The New Fotofilia Blog!

Welcome to the brand new blog of Fotofilia photography studio.

We’re based in the historic Jewellery Quarter area of Birmingham, England, and apart from being a studio (which is available to hire), we also have a photography-only gallery space (available to hire) and run an ongoing programme of quality photographic training courses and workshops for groups and individuals.

Who are we? Well, I (the writer of this blog) am David Rann, a Black Country-based photographer and photography tutor. I’ve been involved in photography at some level for over 20 years (yes, I’m that old!) but returned to study photography in 2004, finally emerging from my studies in 2009 with a Photography BA (Hons) First Class, an MA in Fine Art, and a huge student loan.

But also based at Fotofilia is Lisa Lester, a great natural “people photographer” that I met whe she was a student on one of the first courses I taught at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. It quickly became apparent that Lisa had real talent and I was finally able to ask her to share the studio I had at the time.

We’ve had 2 studios since then but Lisa has proven to be a great “studio-mate” and we often collaborate when the chance arises.

Anyway, that’s the history stuff out of the way. Things will get a bit more interesting from here on in…

In the meantime, you can find out all you need to know at