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THE CLUB at Fotofilia

We have our own photographic society here at Fotofilia that we call, rather imaginitively, THE CLUB.

THE CLUB was set up to offer what I believe other camera clubs and suchlike don’t (or at least not in my experience). I’ve been a member of 3 camera clubs over the years as I moved around with my work, and I can’t deny I learned a lot from them.

But in some instances, these clubs seemed a bit too male-dominated, and tended to be tied up in archaic committee rules, and with rather too much emphasis on girlie shoots and inter-club competitions for my liking.

So when I set up THE CLUB, I wanted a monthly club where photographers of all levels could be stimulated and inspired by a programme of seminars by visiting speakers as well as access to discounts at Fotofilia and other photography-related businesses.

I’m proud to say I think we’ve achieved this, with a full compliment of 40 members subscribed until October 2011 – we may even offer a second group at some point to accommodate some of the people on our growing waiting list.

From "Still: Dancing" by Richard Battye

Last month, we were visited by Richard Battye, one of the Midlands’ leading photographers, based at Birmingham’s Custard Factory. Richard’s informative and entertaining talk left us all wide-eyed and motivated to push the limits of our comfort zones.

Richard has a real passion for photography that, unusually for a professional with so many years experience, has clearly not become jaded by the need to make images to order. Far from it – Richard is brimming with ideas for even more personal projects.

You can find out more about Richard and his previous/ongoing projects “This is England” and “Still: Dancing” at his blog –

and website…

As I said, inspirational.


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