Photography studio, gallery and training complex

Current Exhibition: Phuong Pham – “Light”

Image by Phuong Pham, from "Light"

In the gallery at the moment (until 12th December) is an exhibition of stunning portraiture by Vietnamese-born Phuong Pham.

Phuong is a former student of mine who now operates from her own studio in Birmingham (website to follow). This ishow she describes herself and her approach to her work…

Phuong Pham; Born in Saigon, Vietnam. Immigrated to the UK in 1982 – ” A Vietnamese boat refugee”.

Through my life I’ve experienced many losses and changes that have influenced my thoughts and beliefs. I admire success in society as well as sympathizing with the less fortunate. 

My passion is to share, through photography, the lives of people that have touched me, and photography that depicts a story of everyday lives.

Though often posed, I like to capture that essential moment that expresses my own mental picture of the individual’s personality as well as creating an image that satisfies me aesthetically and expresses the inner beauty and grace in the subjects’ faces and bodies.

In my work I try to illustrate the profound beauty of the individual and reveal the variety of the human condition.

 A split second can mean the difference between a good and a great picture. With my strength, will, effort and passion, I hope to achieve the latter.


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