Photography studio, gallery and training complex

Word & Pictures pt.2

As I mentioned in pt.1 I began linking my own photography to the written word (and especially poetry) some years ago. But now I must confess that I’ve recently “borrowed” an idea from the Viewfinder gallery in London…

The exhbition space at Viewfinder

In Spring 2010, I took part in an exhibition called “Alchemists” at Viewfinder, which was then in Greenwich (now in Brixton). After the exhibition, Viewfinder curator Louise sent me an email containing press reviews as well as a series of photographs of a creative writing group (based at Viewfinder) who had used the exhibition as a stimulus for their work – and Louise had also included some examples of their efforts.

I was able to pick out references to my photographs (a series of gum bichromate prints) quite easily because their subject matter was quite unlike that of the other five exhibitors. I was thrilled by this! My own creation had led to another, entirely different, creation!

So when we set up the gallery space at Fotofilia, I was keen to do something similar. It seemed to be something that both photographer and writer might benefit from. I contacted Emma Purshouse (the wonderful poet that I’d collaborated with on “A Circle Drawn at Random”) and she in turn contacted Bohdan Piasecki, the West Midlands Programme Coordinator of national poetry organisation Apples and Snakes ( Thankfully, he also liked the idea.

The result? Apples and Snakes are holding a poetry workshop at Fotofilia on Sunday 16th January. This has been timed to coincide with the end of THE CLUB’s exhibition so that the workshop participants will have as wide a range of material to gain inspiration from as possible. It is hoped that this will lead to the establishment of an ongoing relationship between Fotofilia and Apples and Snakes and even perhaps a poetry group meeting regularly at Fotofilia. 

The workshop is free too! Anyone interested in taking part should should contact Apples and Snakes direct.

Viewfinder’s blog can be found at – more about this excellent little gallery soon.


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