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“Collektive Exposure” at Fotofilia

I’ll be wiping a small tear from my eye as I take down my “Pride of The Black Country” exhibition on Saturday, and putting them down for a few months’ rest, all snuggled up in their bubble-wrap duvet. Hopefully, in the summer (probably August), they’ll be brought out of their hibernation and dusted down for a trip to Viewfinder Gallery in Brixton. Of this, more details soon.

In the meantime I can at least gain some solace in the knowledge that the wall-space they’re vacating is to be occupied by a whole raft of great photography in the coming months. First up, barely before the filler dries, will be “Collektive Exposure“, a 22-strong group of photographers based at the University of Wolverhampton, and their exhibition “Freedom and Control“.

Image by Nigal Goodship

This is probably the most diverse selection of work to be seen at Fotofilia and I’m sure they’d be very keen for you to come along and see it. The show starts next Tuesday, the 15th February. I believe this kind of group show offers a fascinating insight into the future of photography as a whole so get along as soon as you can – it’s only on for a couple of weeks. Oh, and the Private View event on Tuesday evening… well, it’s not so private after all. In fact, you’re invited!

Here’s a very small sample of what you can expect…

Image by Evans Cheuka

Image by Alice Jones

Image by Natalie Galloway

And here’s a linky to their blog…


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