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CCC: The Crap Camera Challenge

In October 2010, I handed the ever-so-lucky members of THE CLUB (Fotofilia‘s photographic society), a free camera!

Surprisingly, they weren’t quite as delighted as I might have hoped. Perhaps it was because the camera in question was a very cheap and nasty disposable camera. Or that I wanted them to use this camera to make photographs that would then be entered into a competition – a competition I imaginitvely called “The Crap Camera Challenge“. 

I added insult to injury by confining their shots to the theme of “My Birmingham“. What’s not to get fired up about?

THE CLUB includes photographers with a wide range of experience, ability, and of course, equipment. I reckoned that it would be interesting to see what images could be produced when the playing field was levelled, equipment-wise.

The camera’s used unknown-branded 200 ISO film and had two exposure options – flash on, and flash off. Participants had a month to shoot ther images before the cameras had to be handed back for processing (by Dunn‘s) and scanning onto cd. I then gave the digital files back to the group for editing as they saw fit before submitting for the competition final on Tuesday 9th February.

The images were judged in two ways. Guest Judge Christophe Dillinger, himself something of an afficionado when it comes to low-tech cameras, chose his own three favourite images from the 46 entries. His winner, Valeska Hass recieved a small prize – a very small prize – another crap camera. 

Christophe's winner by Valeska Hass

The main judging, however, was by the members themselves, who were asked to pick their top 3 too. Here are the winners…

1st Prize by Ania Machacek

2nd Prize winner by Mark Cruxton

3rd Prize winner Mark Dodds

4th place went to Ken Hudson

This image by Ines Siddour would have been my personal choice

Seeing these images, and the qualities inherent in even the nastiest and cheapest of films, made me positively misty-eyed about the days when we had no choice but to shoot film. I’ve found myself buying another film camera. Now then, how does one load a film again…?
…and Judge, Christophe Dillinger

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