Photography studio, gallery and training complex

Tunnel Vision

Most photographers have a favourite prop that’s regularly rolled out to perk up the dullest of shoots. It might be a bit of period furniture, a musical instrument, an outfit or single item of clothing. For other photographers, it’s a favourite location, somewhere that can be depended on to provide great shots time after time. For some it might be a particular park bench, a doorway, a spot next to a window, or even a wall.
Increasingly, and perhaps surprisingly, for me it’s – a corridor.


Not just any corridor, however – MY corridor – the corridor that leads from the Fotofilia lobby to the studio door. It’s thirty-odd feet long, not very wide, not especially high-ceilinged, doubles as part of Fotofilia’s gallery space and, most importantly, is painted brilliant white.

Foolishly, I’ve begun letting my students in on this wonderful secret location and even my recipe for lighting it. So, I thought, why not tell the rest of the world too?

Here’s a few examples of the shots I’ve produced in my “light tunnel”…

Charlotte in Fotofilia's "tunnel"

Emma in the "tunnel"

Omie goes tunnelling

 And the main beauty of this location is the simplicity of the lighting needed: just a single flash (fitted with a narrow “spill-kill” reflector) bounced off the ceiling. The light then ricochets off each of the white surfaces and produces the most beautifully even and flattering illumination.  

Scarlett in the "tunnel"

The set-up

 At a studio workshop a couple of weeks ago (where we used the “light tunnel”), an attendee said thoughtfully afterwards, “I wonder if my wife will let me paint the landing…”.


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