Photography studio, gallery and training complex


I was with Gareth Jukes, the street photographer whose “Chaos” exhibition is showing at Fotofilia until the 12th of March, as he spoke to a couple of gallery visitors and one of them happened to notice Gareth’s camera (which is never far away from him) and looked slightly puzzled.

He was trying to work out what sort of camera it was and was clearly having problems. On closer inspection, Gareth’s camera was an everyday Canon. You could be forgiven for having to look twice though, as Gareth has blacked out the “Canon” name and also most of the white or shiny bits on his “street camera”.

He explained that this is a trick he picked up from reading about (I think) Henri Cartier-Bresson, who employed this self-same trick to make his camera less conspicuous when out shooting on the street.

I thought this was a great idea and decided to share it wth you. Here’s a snap of Gareth’s camera…

Gareth Jukes's "street camera"


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