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Double Silver for Fotofilia

The next exhibition at Fotofilia, which starts on Tuesday 15th March, features the work of two photographers, Mary Davis and Rosemary Cooper. They’re friends from London and St. Albans (respectively) who’ve previously studied and exhibited together and their work also has a few things in common: shot on film, monochrome, and beautifully hand-printed.

Subject-wise, Mary’s work tends towards exquisitely-lit still lifes, usually very high key with subtle tones and masterfully manipulated light. I first saw (and was enchanted by) Mary’s work when it was published in Silvershotz magazine.

By Mary Davis

Image by Mary Davis

Image by Mary Davis

Rosemary, on the other hand, finds inspiration in the wider world although once again, a recognition and appreciation of light’s mercurial qualities is what lifts these images beyond the two-dimensional.

Image by Rosemary Cooper

Image by Rosemary Cooper

Image by Rosemary Cooper

We are extremely fortunate to have photographers of this calibre exhibiting at Fotofilia. The images you see above are merely digital representations of “real” fine art prints. I do hope you are able to come to see this exhibition, which runs for just a few weeks, in order to appreciate the sheer quality of these images “in the flesh”. Come along on Tuesday evening (6:30-9pm) and you’ll also be able to meet the photographers themselves.


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