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Don’t be a Square – Be SQUARE

I’m fortunate enough to have been one of the first recipients of a lovely new book – Squarebook #1 – a truly international collection of square format images by 30 (I think) photographers, who use squareness in a multitude of ways.

Images range from the high quality and visually startling self-portraits of Kimiko Yoshida, to the comparitively dreamily soft monochrome architectural images by Michael Jackson (no, not that one!) – and from France Dubois‘s thought-provoking “Twins” project, to Nicolas Evariste‘s eerie but beautiful “Dark Zoo” (low key studio-type shots of zoo animals). The only common thread to these images is their shape, and their impact.

From "Marcelle by Alain Greloud

The book was compiled by Fotofilia exhibitor and longtime square format evangelist Christophe Dillinger, as a spin-off of his excellent online SQUARE magazine. Don’t expect in-depth analysis of the images or lengthy artists statements to accompany the images – most of the available space, except for a brief introduction by Christophe, is given over to the important stuff – the images.

From Deborah Parkin's "Childhood Narratives"

All in all, I think there’s something for everyone here. If you’d like to know what’s going on in the world of contemporary photography, this book is a great starting point. The book is a softback, approx A5 in size, and costs just 21 Euros (including postage within Europe) via the SQUARE website –

There is only a fairly small print run of these books so get in early. Hopefully, there will be many more compilations by Christophe and the SQUARE team. I understand there may be plans afoot to produce a subscription system for these books as they’re published periodically.

Kimiko Yoshida –

Michael Jackson –

Nicolas Evariste –

France Dubois –

Deborah Parkin –

Alain Greloud –


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