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Through The Pinhole: Justin Quinnell

A recent shot by Justin Quinnell of the windows at Lacock. Wonder what Fox-Talbot would have thought...

In my various courses over the last few years, whenever I’ve been running through my list of inspirational photographers, there’s one whose images never fail to raise a smile or a mystified “What the…?”.

His name is Justin Quinnell and he’s the UK’s foremost authority on (and practitioner of) pinhole photography.  He’s recently (well, fairly recently) acted as “Consultant to Hollywood” for a film starring Rachel Weisz in which she plays a pinhole photographer. He can, and has, made functioning cameras out of almost anything. He’s also the man behind World Pinhole Photography Day

A 6 month exposure by Justin Quinnell

…And he’s coming to Fotofilia!

Justin will be running one of his excellent workshops at Fotofilia on Sunday 19th June (10:30-3:30). There are still a couple of places left so get in touch soon if you’d like to learn about the ultimate in low-tech photography. Email us for more details.

By Justin Quinnell

Justin’s website –
World Pinhole Day –

A "mouth cam" shot by Justin Quinnell


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