Photography studio, gallery and training complex

The Best Job In The World?

Occasionally, just occasionally, there are compensations for the long, anti-social hours, grumpy kids, and bridezillas that come with the life of the professional photographer. A week or two ago I was asked to photograph some “products” for the Devenish Girl bakery for their website.

Melanie from Devenish Girl arrived at the studio laden with boxes and boxes of beautiful cakes. The studio has never smelled so good.

Cakes by Devenish Girl

I’ll post some more information about Devenish Girl (and a link) at a later date but as I understand it, cakes are just part of what they do there – they also help people back into work – something I think deserves support.

Anyway, here are a few images from the shoot. And yes, a few cakes were sliced in the making of these photographs. One or two were even damaged – which meant they just had to be eaten. Ho hum. One just has to help where one can.  

Cakes by Devenish Girl

Oh, and the geeky bit: These were shot using just the modelling light on a single studio flash fitted with a softbox for a window-light effect. The camera was bunged on a tripod and set to tungsten white balance. I used a 50mm f1.4 lens.

Cakes by Devenish Girl


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