Photography studio, gallery and training complex

Factory Girls

Emilie Walt

You can always bet that when I arrange an indoor workshop the weather outside will be wonderful. And so it proved last Sunday for Fotofilia’s “Location Fashion/Portrait Shoot“. While we photographed our two lovely models (Michelle Grice and Emilie Walt) in the dusty but cool interior of a newly vacated industrial unit just a few metres from the studio, the blazing sun outside was cracking the flags.

The group was split into two parts, one shooting Michelle in one of the window-lit offices while the other group took advantage of the amazing light pouring through the unit’s grubby skylights to photograph Emilie on and around a (hastily-wiped old) leather Chesterfield chair we found in an office. Then the groups swapped models/locations.

"Extreme Posing" demonstrated by Emilie.

After a comfort stop (us) and a change of outfit (the models), we returned to the unit but this time Michelle enjoyed the main factory area while Emilie was assigned the office.

Another day in the office for Michelle.

We were mainly using the available, if not abundant, light plus reflectors, although strobes were employed by one or two participants. Very different light in the two areas and very different looks from the models meant we were able to achieve a wide variety of images from the shoot.

Michelle, pursued by the pack.

Finally, a word or two about the models: I know I occasionally grumble about models but both Michelle and Emilie work frequently at Fotofilia and they never fail to impress. Both have plenty of ideas of their own, are always patient and good-humoured even when the shoots are demanding, and most importantly, they are always professional, punctual and look fabulous – would-be models take note!

The flawless Emilie Walt.

A few linkingtons…

Michelle Grice –

Emilie Walt –

Goodman & Fineman (my lovely obliging and ever-helpful landlords, without whom shoots like this would be considerably more difficult to arrange) –

Michelle tries out the chesterfield.


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