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QUEER’ists: Next Exhibition at Fotofilia

Our next exhibition at Fotofilia is again a collaborative project. Photographer Marta Kochanek is the founder of the “QUEER’ists” project and curator of the exhibition which also features the work of Violetta Jara, Anna Szlandakowska, Dora Bauer, T.R.Robertson, Jak Flash, Julia Frost, John Yeadon, Ben Webb, Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes.

The project’s aims in Marta’s words are: “to explore ideas of gender, identity and art through photography and multi-media. Photographs, which aim to take a look at Gay, Lesbian and Queer individuals expressing themselves through the art and other creative ways of living.” This is an ongoing project which continues to seek participants and subjects.

The inspiration for QUEER’ists, comes from “long hours of monologue when she found herself between the past and the present comparing abusive attacks towards LGBT people that still happen. She then decided to create platform to keep creative and emerging LGBT Artists together in one place.”

Marta’s own work “has been shown several times in both group and solo exhibitions, including Mall Galleries in London and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. She recently exhibited in New York as part of the Verge Art Brooklyn. She recently coordinated work on a large, independent archival project for Annie Leibovitz“.

Marta’s work has appeared in numerous publications, national and international professionals honorably mentioned her works through the most important and prestigious photographic competitions like: Px3 Paris, International Aperture Awards, International Photography Awards, as well as Art Kudos.

So what can you expect to see? Work that brings “emerging as well as established artist in one place, artists that have achieved high levels of success within art, the project is designed to be a platform to all LGBT artists and art lovers. The project is to gather wise, creative people whose activism and existence brought something important into LGBT world as well as queer artists whose work not necessarily must have that “activism” attached. The project is to explore ideas of gender, identity and art through analogue medium-format as well as digital photography. The idea is to photograph and interview LGBT Artists as well as promote creative existence of homosexual individuals.”

The private view for QUEER’ists is on Tuesday 12th July, 6-9pm. The exhibition runs until 6th August.

Read more about Marta and the project at


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    • Thanks for this! Great to see images of the exhibition in situ too.

      July 23, 2011 at 9:03 am

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