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A Great Way To Display Your Square Prints

Been away for the last week or so shooting graduations but now back and gradually recovering from 60 hours a week of “grin and grab”. Apologies if its all been a bit quiet on the blog front. Now, back to business as usual…

If, like Christophe Dillinger and his disciples of SQUARE, you favour the squareness of the square format, have a look at these natty square image frames from Phlib

They come in various colours, display nine 3″ x 3″ prints (which can be changed whenever you like via the magnet system), can be hung alongside others to create a humungous veritable festival of squareness. Conveniently, each “window” is a whisker or two bigger than a single square frame of 120 film and so might also suit contact prints or cyanotypes shot on 120, as well as the obvious Holga and Lomo usage.

Get in early and order a pre-sale unit (they’re not in production as yet until they’re convinced there will be demand – ie. 30 units) for only £19.99 instead of the full eventual price of £32.48. At the time of writing, 20% of the initial batch have already been ordered and my order will boost this even more.

I think they look like an excellent and stylish way to present square format images. I’m even considering organising an exhibition/competition around images presented using them.

To read more about them and order, see×3

And did I mention they’re square?


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