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Back Through The Pinhole

A while back, pinhole photography maestro Justin Quinnell led a workshop here at fotofilia, during which he passed around a “camera” made of two 35mm film cartridges and a matchbox. So kind of a top-of-the-range Sony DSLR (just kidding, Sony users!).

Delegates were invited, or perhaps forced (in a nice way) to use this camera to take a picture of themselves or the person next to them using the camera and a portable flashgun.

Well I’ve finally had the film developed and the results are predictably unpredictable. I don’t know if group members will be able to recognise their shots from the images below, but if you do spot an image of yourself, I’m guessing you won’t be putting it on your facebook page anytime soon.

Note: Because some of the frames have over-lapped (well what do you expect when using half a clothes-peg as a winding mechanism?) I’ve cropped the images in a way that makes some sort of sense, although I’ve left a few over-laps in simply because I like them.

Anyone own up to this?

Whose fillings are these?

Earhole photography?

Starting to get creepy?

Justin Quinnell’s website again – and World Pinhole Day –


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