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I Heart iPhone Art

I’m happy to admit I’ve been rather sniffy about the use of iPhones as a means of capturing and creating meaningful photographs. Well, I hereby eat my words. A marvellous – yes, marvellous – series of images in the latest (and best for a while) edition of Silvershotz by American photographer Dan Burkholder has, it’s fair to say, turned my head.

Nuff said – have a look…

You don’t really get an impression of the quality of his work from the images reproduced here I’m afraid. Take a look at Silvershotz or his website to see them as they really are.

Burkholder certainly has a background that one wouldn’t associate with an advocate of this newer technology: he was a student of none other than Ansel Adams. One wonders what the master of the old technology would make of his student’s medium. He takes, stitches, and carries out most of the post-production in-camera/iPhone with only the final “0.3% of image tweaking (colour correction, final sharpening etc)” being carried out in good “old” Photoshop.

Image by Dan Burkholder

In the Silvershotz article he candidly describes every step he takes and exactly which apps he chooses to employ to arrive at the finished result. And the results ARE impressive. Burkholder clearly sees this technology as liberating but also a return to the spirit of the “plein air” methodology of the Impressionists, where much of the production process was carried out in situ, rather than roughly captured in the field before being finished in the studio.

Image by Dan Burkholder

Burkholder says “I’d go so far as to declare that iPhone photography is one of the purest photographic experiences of the last couple of decades of photography”. And also, “the in-phone image editing possibilities are limitless”.

Definitely worthy of further investigation. See and and Silvershotz at!/Silvershotz.International.Journal.Photography and


3 responses

  1. Clare

    I have to say I’m rather a fan of iPhone/ mobile phone photography, especially after my last holiday when it was sometimes impractical to carry my dSLR or at times when I didn’t expect to be able to take pictures but then found out that it was permitted. I read somewhere (it might have been here) that the best camera to use is the one you have with you at the time and that’s so true. There are so many apps available that enhance the capabilities of what is a very basic camera. From tilt-shift, to HDR, slow shutter speeds and endless filters, and all in a very small, highly portable package! I took some pictures on my phone that I’m as pleased with as ones taken with my good camera. Another good site to look at is: Maybe you could do the phone camera challenge, David!!

    August 27, 2011 at 6:41 pm

  2. I was an early adaptor of iPhone photography becasue of Dan Burkholder’s workshops – I have been to two maybe three. I now teach iPhone in several places around the country and have stretched it a bit by processing tradional imags on the iPad…..Another place you might look for really fine iPhone imagery are: THere is also a Russian women, Natai Proetova doing some fabulous work – you can find ehr on facebook.

    Kepp iPhone in the news – it is very real and here to stay.

    Harry Sandler

    September 7, 2011 at 9:36 am

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