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You Are Not A Photographer

Here’s a website that has consistently made me chuckle since I heard about it. I think most photographers will agree with the blog’s strapline – “Just because you own a camera, you are not a photographer. You can’t buy talent”. Here you will find some hilarious but cringe-inducing examples of photographic naffness, nauseating cheesiness and fecal Photoshoppery.

Truly awful or what?

In their own words: “How many people do you know that bought a nice camera, started a Facebook page and called it a photography business? Having a DSLR does not make you a professional photographer. We’re outing these no talents with daily pictures from the worst of the web. We only post pictures that were from a photography “business,” and we use that term lightly. Maybe you are one of those photographers. Have a good laugh at yourself. You submit the photos, and we provide the snark.”

Teach a chimp to Photoshop and...

You get the idea: imagine Harry Hill expressing what you are almost certainly thinking. My students will already know my feelings about “colour-popping” (okay in the right context and when used very sparingly, with taste and skill – but dangerous in the hands of a numpty) so it will be no surprise that these are the shots I find most amusing.

Isn't this child abuse?

I am particularly indebted to this site for introducing me to the wondrous term “fauxtographer“. Follow this link – –  and prepare to be tickled whilst simultaneously feeling smug that at least you’re better than these camera-wielding eejits… Or are you?



2 responses

  1. Kate Southall

    Totally agree with this blog post David… when teaching us, you told us that buying a flashy camera does not a professional photographer make… I think you used the term “It’s like putting a machine gun in the hands of a chimp”, although I am sure a chimp would figure out how to take a damn fine picture better than some of the muppets I have encountered who call themselves a ‘photographer’.

    It seems to be getting worse, businesses setting up by the day doing in 5 minutes what you have spent a lifetime honing. Most people will be drawn to the price, and that the photos look slightly better than the ones they take on their mobiles (no comparison) – it surprises me what people will put up with for cut-price snapping. It’s like taking the car to someone who has car manual, is not a qualified mechanic, yet you let them take your beloved car apart anyway… well he/she has the manual and a nice toolkit, so must be qualified…

    I love the term ‘Fauxtographer’… I have to say I see the difference in my own work from before and after being taught by a professional. So much so I am looking into what the BPS look for in a Licenciate Member so I can work to some professional accredited standard recognised amongst real artists – at least I know then I have some form of recognition for the work I have started to do better as a result of being trained how to do it…

    Thanks for the share.

    September 8, 2011 at 11:03 am

  2. Haha. Everything just so screams ‘amateur!!!’

    The one thing I never understand is why the people who produce such photos actually think they are good?


    September 8, 2011 at 3:59 pm

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