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Face Of The City

Following on from “Alternative View“, this is the other half of the “2 Way Trial” competition that we had at THE CLUB this month. This time the theme was “Face of the city“. So here’s the photos…

The winner by new member Simon Healey

Simon Healey’s winning shot was a great combination of light, dust-cart and conveniently placed Pamela Anderson lookalike. There was a joint second place: the first is by Jeff Boston

Joint 2nd place by Jeff Boston

…and the other second place was taken by Mark Cruxton

The other 2nd place by Mark Cruxton

Third place was taken by Cheryl Wilkinson

3rd place: Cheryl Wilkinson

And before you see the rest, THE CLUB is now a year old and a few more membership spaces will become available after 1st October. If you’d like to be considered, email us and we’ll let you know how many spaces are available as soon as we know.

Here’s some other entries…

By Anna Machacek

…and one by Eileen Clews

By Eileen Clews

This one by Ken Hudson, not surprisingly, given the timing of the competition and the proximity to the riots in Birmingham, reflects a rather more sober side of this city.

By Ken Hudson

Paul Machacek also chose to reflect on recent events in Birmingham…

By Paul Machacek

And finally, on a lighter note, Nikki Postings shows us a much sunnier city – Ciutadella in Menorca.

By Nikki Postings




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