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An Evening With Emma Belnavis?

I’ve mentioned before the importance of finding the time for shooting personal work in addition to one’s professional work. One such “fun shoot” a month or so ago yielded not only some great shots but also a great discovery in the form of model Emma Belnavis.

I’d spotted Emma on Pure Storm and decided I’d like to work with her even though her portfolio showed mainly glamour work, something I don’t really do. But I felt confident there was much more to her than just glamour and so it proved.

Emma walked in ready to shoot (now that’s a refreshing change) and created quite a first impression. For one thing, she’s tall! In heels, very tall. She has afro-caribbean and polish heritage – an unusual but knockout combination – and an immaculate complexion, which meant that almost no post-production was necessary.

Talking, as you do, mid-shoot, I discovered to my surprise that Emma was quite new to modelling. The words “duck” and “water” spring to mind. There’s no doubt that Emma was designed by God for the glamour photographer, but unlike so many other new (and especially glamour) models, Emma is already utterly confident in front of the camera and has a great range of facial expressions: This lady can “smoulder” for England!

In a spirit of philanthropy for my fellow photographers, I have decided to share my beautiful “discovery” with the world. I’m too good to you, I really am. You can photograph Emma Belnavis at fotofilia on Tuesday 8th November. This “Evening With Emma Belnavis” event is already almost full but I feel sure we will run it again soon if you miss this one. See website for full details –

Pure Storm:

Emma’s profile:






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