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Images From Broken Souls

We’ve waved a cheery farewell to Square Magazine’s wonder-rich “Square in Birmingham” exhibition and now, as I type, the next show is being screwed, pinned and otherwise secured to our gallery walls.

Images from Broken Souls” is a combination of film stills and “behind the scenes” shots by University of Wolverhampton photography student Nigal Goodship. Nigal was asked to photographically record the production of a film by the Umbrella Production Company. This he did. And the resulting images are packed with intensity, action, and in some cases, violence – but also real tenderness and pathos. A real roller-coaster of an exhibition, as one might expect, given that the themes of the film involve, among other things, gang and domestic violence.

Here’s how Nigal himself describes his involvement in the project: “The producers of the Umbrella production company came to me, looking for both a stills photographer and location shoot documentary photographer to shoot while the group worked on the Broken Souls project, so I
took them up on the offer.

The job covered indoor fight rehearsals, outside and night, work on location in and around Birmingham, over a few weeks of filming. The job was quite sporadic due to work commitments of the cast and crew as it was done on no budget, so we rolled when people were available to start, making each day a new challenge and a new opportunity to try something new.

Day by day the body of images grew, all taken on my trusty Sony A700. When the filming finished (due to finances) I found that I had over
two thousand pictures of everything from pieces of equipment and used coffee cups to hard hitting domestic violence and gang fights.

A lot of the work was done for me due to the intensity of the actors; the violence was also very real as the victims were padded up (by
the stunt sequence actor) then beaten for real. This made for some powerful images, these are not faked and people did get hurt but only by accident.”

The public opening of “Images from Broken Souls” is on Thursday 6th October, 7-9pm. The exhibition then continues until 28th October.

Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10:30-3:30.


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