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The Nettie Effect

With kind permission of Nettie Edwards

If you read my previous post about Dan Burkholder’s iPhone photography, which marked the moment when a big old shiny penny dropped somewhere in my psyche and I felt compelled to rush out to pick up an iPhone, then you mightn’t be surprised that this is an aspect of the new photographic technology that has (rather belatedly, perhaps) really seized my imagination.

I was especially fortunate then, to be told (by Nick Shale at mac) about a remarkable lady by the name of Nettie Edwards, the self-confessed “Artist, Designer, iPhoneographer and iPhone collagist; Genealogist, Vegetable Gardener, slug-slayer, digital-Scrapsmith“. Nick gave me Nettie’s card and I looked at her blog ( and was, I admit, utterly blown away.

With kind permission of Nettie Edwards

Nettie insists she is no photographer in the pure sense, but more an artist that uses photography – or more precisely, “iPhoneography” (a term that Nettie herself introduced into my vocabulary) – as a resource which can be drawn upon to create the fantastical visual images through which she attempts to communicate deeper, more personal, feelings and experiences.

With kind permission of Nettie Edwards

I invited Nettie to speak to THE CLUB at fotofilia, which she did, and inspired something of a rash of iPhone-captured work popping up on my facebook, Twitter and flickr feeds. She will shortly be coming to speak to f2, our other club, as well (I simply couldn’t deny them this), and…

Nettie Edwards will be our special guest tutor for the “iPhoneography Masterclass With Nettie Edwards” on Saturday 7th January 2012 here at fotofilia. If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll be getting details of this workshop soon, but if not, drop me a line and I’ll give you the details. Not surprisingly you will need an iPhone, and will be asked to download the apps she recommends before the class.

With kind permission of Nettie Edwards

With kind permission of Nettie Edwards


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