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Leaves Are Falling – It’s Folio Time!

If you hurry you might just be in time to sign up for the next year’s Silvershotz magazine and recieve the free “Folios” edition.

In case you’re wondering why I often mention this excellent magazine, let me assure you that I’m not the recipient of any little gratuities from the peeps at Silvershotz. Chance’d be a fine thing. They are, as far as I know, utterly oblivious to my existence. A completely one-sided love affair.

I continue to be inspired by this magazine. It’s about the only thing that I see dropping through the letterbox that makes me smile before I even open it. I consider it to be the only magazine subscription worthy of my pocket money. The best £39 I spend each year. Nuff said.

The annual Folio edition is a sort of additional “greatest hits” compilation – except that many of those included haven’t appeared in the rest of the year’s issues (they have to apply separately for inclusion). Over 30 photographers get a couple of pages each to give you a taster of what they’re at, rather than the 4-6 pages they get in the other issues. This year’s Folio is once again truly international, with contributions from UK, USA, Australia, Greece, Japan…

The content is as varied as the geography: some breath-taking work (and in truth, some not so wonderful). I like far more than I dislike. But something for everyone. My favourites include: UK photographer Chris Spackman’s aptly titled “Unstill Life“, where he subverts our expectations of the traditional still life by introducing movement…

Image by Chris Spackman

…and Cathrin Shulz’s beautifully abstract “Sixth Sense” images, which attempt to convert “the power of sensory emotional perception based on an inner reality into colours”. According to the write-up, Cathrin collects “colours from all over the world”. Hmmm.

Image by Cathrin Shulz

Catherine Carter’s amazing photomontages (which I can’t find on her website – only live music photos?) are worth a year’s subscription to see. Just wish I could show you her “Cocoon” photo.

On a very different subject, Richard Allen Ashmore’sHurricane Ike: Images from the Debris Field” combines monochrome images of items found in the wake of Hurricane Ike with text showing it’s location and date of photograph (plus a handy “subject” title for those items you struggle to identify).

Image by Richard Allen Ashmore

So what are you waiting for? Get yerself signed up!

Some linkies… Silvershotz –, Richard Allen Ashcroft –, Cathrin Shulz –, and Catherine Carter – Oh, and Chris Spackman –


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