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Paul Stephens’ “Miniature Worlds”

Remember Paul Stephens’ WWII re-enactment images that I posted a short while ago? Well here’s something very different from the same photographer. Paul, you may remember, was a student on this term’s “Advanced DSLR” course at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. His “Miniature Worlds” project though was produced entirely for his own amusement. Here’s how he explains the inspiration behind this project…

“I wanted to explore the macro side of photography but from a different perspective to the popular flower and insect photographs.  One reason that made me keen to try macro photography came about after a friendly debate in the pub with a friend (who isn’t a photographer I should add) who insisted that macro photography wasn’t real photography because it shows detail that the human eye can’t see.  Whilst perplexed at his opinion, I vowed to create a series of photographs that would change his mind.  I wanted to take a light-hearted approach, and was influenced by similar projects that I’d seen, including Mike Stimpson’s lego ones on your blog, and decided to create a series of my own that brought everyday objects to life in a humorous way.

My friend enjoyed this series of photographs because they forced him to think about what he was looking at and what story they might be telling him.  However, he remains sceptical about macro photography in general so I have some further work to do to convince him completely.  In the meantime, I’ll continue with this project as its proven to be lots of fun creating them and brought some smiles to people’s faces.”  

All images shown with kind permission of Paul Stephens.


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