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Birmingham Noir

I thought I’d bring you a few images from a little series of iPhone shots I’ve been working on which have a distinctly Noir-esque feel to them, hence my description of “Birmingham Noir“.

I’ve begun pushing my iphoneography into a more “constructed” phase. The images in this series are composites – often a studio-taken portrait combined with a (usually nocturnal) location shot to suggest a narrative, whilst borrowing some of the visual traits of Film Noir.

Here’s my latest effort, featuring the eminently Noir-ish Joel Hicks…

Copyright David Rann 2011

As usual, all of these images were taken and edited on the iPhone 4. In case you’re interested, the layering of two images was carried out on the excellent “Juxtaposer” app (thanks Nettie Edwards for the tip-off).

With Jo Walter. Copyright David Rann 2011

And just one more, with Kat photographed during our last “Night Photo Safari” coupled with street shots from the same evening…

With Kat. Copyright David Rann 2011

That’s all for now – HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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