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More “Pride of the Black Country”

A year ago, I exhibited my “Pride of the Black Country” project, my first serious stab at documentary photography, at fotofilia. POTBC was about the wonderful work done by Paul Gough and his team of trainers at Priory Park Amateur Boxing Club in Dudley in providing discipline, direction, and positive role models for the area’s youngsters.

Copyright David Rann

Since then, I’ve gone on to do lots more boxing photography but haven’t really progressed with the project: something I fully intended – and still intend – to do. In the meantime, Dave and Kate, the proprietors of the wonderful Brewsmiths Coffee Shop in Livery St, Birmingham offered me the chance to display some of the images from the series there for the next month or so. This is particularly appropriate as this is where I usually seem to bump into people I know from my boxing photography (including Paul Gough himself, and Neil from the nearby Fighting Fit gym).

If you’ve heard the name Brewsmiths before in this blog, it’s because Dave and Kate kindly allowed me to photograph model Katie-May there a few months ago and it’s also since been the venue for a CLUB/f2 shoot.

So if you’d like to see a few of my images in the… er… flesh(?), pop along to Brewsmiths and have a look over a cappuccino, and while you’re at it, try one of the superb cakes (especially the “porter…” one with the gold maltesers or the “King Kong Kake”). A shameless plug I know but what can I say? I like it there and they’re photography-friendly.

Oh, and remember, if documentary photography is something you’re interested in, we’re starting a 6 week Documentary photography masterclass with Andrew Jackson at fotofilia this week and as it’s been fully booked for some time, it won’t be the last.


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