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That Time Of Year Again: Get Focussed

A gentle reminder, if any is needed, that it’s time to register for this year’s Focus On Imaging exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC. Love it or hate it (and many people I know fall into the latter category) it’s a major date in the photographic calendar for most of us.

I always think of it as a barometer of what’s happening in the industry, and the wider economy. There are gasps and suspicious whispers when a long-standing major exhibitor doesn’t appear. I notice that according to the list of exhibitors today, Sony won’t be appearing – although the list doesn’t always show the full picture. Perhaps they’re fed up with Sony owners asking why their hotshoe flash adaptor is priced at over £100 (£102 on Warehouse Express at time of writing) when Nikon and Canon‘s equivalent are less than a quarter of that. Perhaps we’ll never know.

Anyway, our chums at Viewfinder (of Leicester) will be there, as will Dunns Imaging. Strangely, Kodak are still listed as an exhibitor, but there is no mention of Silvershotz or Billingham. We live in hope.

So I’d advise you get online and register as soon as possible. Pre-registering will almost certainly reduce your queuing time when you arrive plus you’ll save two quid (if you’re non-industry). Those of us in the trade will get in for free. Remember, you can use your pass to attend every day if you’re especially keen/wealthy/bored.

Oh, and I’ve learned from bitter, nerve-jangling experience that the first day – the Sunday – is invariably RAMMED, with a large proportion of peeps trailing their bewildered-looking offspring along (usually chanting “Can we have MacDonalds now, Daddy?” repeatedly). Not pleasant.

But the benefit of getting there early is, my good mate Gareth Jukes tells me, that you can skip right along to the Disabled Photographers Society stand and have first dibs at the astonishingly cheap bits of second-hand kit they’re selling off. That is if you can get there before Gareth.

See you there.




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