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The B.I.G. Start

“It started with a cake”, as the prematurely shiny-headed fella from Hot Chocolate very nearly sang in 1982. And a coffee. Like so many inspired ideas, this one had its roots in a caffeine-fuelled conversation at Brewsmiths with leading iphoneographista Nettie Edwards a few months ago. Nettie had been telling me about the excellent exhibition by the London Instagram Group and the seed of thought, amply fertilised by “chocolate porter cake”, was sown.

When Nettie came to speak to one of the fotofilia clubs last month, we discussed the idea in more depth and thanks to Nettie’s contacts, we managed to become the first official Instagram group for Birmingham and the Black Country. The process involved, among other things, getting our own special authorised logo from the Instagram peeps and checking if there was already a group registered for this area. Luckily, there wasn’t and so Birmingham Instagram Group was born.

The official logo for B.I.G.

The idea is that there will be “instameets” (exactly what they sound like), exhibitions, competitions etc. Nettie and I are the administrators at the moment but others may be brought on board at some point.

Fotofilia is the obvious centre for the group, being somewhere to meet (if needed), exhibit, and so on. But this is not about fotofilia as such – as I explained to someone recently, this is the “hobby” part of my photography and its given me back that extra bit of creative mojo that can start to flag from time to time when creativity is also your livelihood.

If you’re an “Instagramer”, please follow us – @igersbirmingham on Instagram.

The BIG is also on Facebook

Twitter: Yes, we are fully tweeted up too – @igersbirmingham


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