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The Androids Are Coming! Great!

Instagram, iPhone’s “App Of The Year 2011” is now, at long last, also available for android phones. And as before, it’s free.

I for one think this is wonderful news. The Instagram community has been growing on a daily basis anyway but now that the potential membership has doubled I look forward to encountering a whole new world of images.

For those of you who don’t already know, Instagram is a way to share your images with the world via your mobile phone. But also, you can use Instagram’s 19 or so preset effects, along with the border and selective focus functions to transform your images before uploading for other Instagramers (their spelling, not mine) to see – and comment on.

Reviews of the android version of Instagram are a bit mixed at the moment. One supposes a certain amount of teething troubles can be expected but hopefully this will be swiftly overcome. It remains to be seen whether andoid users take to it to the same extent that iphone users have but I hope so. I notice that “androidography” is an increasingly visible term online.

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I (along with iphoneographista Nettie Edwards) recently set up the official Birmingham Instagram Group. Well, we held our very first Instameet on April Fool’s Day (whose idea was that?), meeting at fotofilia before wandering around the Jewellery Quarter and finally heading to a wifi-enabled cafe for refreshment and some fevered uploading. New Instagramers can find us by searching for #igersbirmingham (also our Twitter tag). We met some lovely people, put some faces to the photos and usernames and got some great images to boot. There will be another Instameet in the not-too-distant so keep watching. Here’s our new logo (they sent us a new one recently)…

Hopefully, we’ll have a few android Instagramers on board next time.

PS. As a post-script to this post, I understand that downloads of the new android version of Instagram topped 1 million in the first 24 hours after its release!


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