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Fangtastic: When The Model Fits The Job

Model/actor Sam Knight first came into fotofilia many months ago to see one of my studio hire clients, but when he left, he left behind his CV in the dressing room.

I pinned his CV to my notice board, resolved to bringing him back for a shoot at some point. Eventually I called him in for a couple of CLUB and f2 shoots, during which I had the chance to photograph him. Sam has an acting background and it really shows when he’s in front of the camera – he’s not afraid to perform when needed.

But something else came out of those early shoots: I noticed an ability that Sam has for turning on quite an intense and… well, sinister… alter ego. This, coupled with Sam’s pale grey eyes, gave me an idea for a shoot – a Vampire shoot.

So I set up a vampire-themed studio evening, with the date set around Sam’s availability. And then set about finding his female counterpart. Again I already had someone in mind and she had initially agreed to do the shoot but eventually dropped out (as I suspected she might – she’d dropped out of a shoot once before). But then I realised I knew someone else who would be ideal – Chloe Avon – who, when I asked her, joked that everyone thought she was a vampire already. I had my dream team.

So here’s an image of Sam from the shoot. I should point out that he doesn’t actually look this normally – this is the result of a little bit of Photoshoppery and Sam’s stage fangs (yes, he had his own set!)…

Sam in vampire mode

You will notice we haven’t gone for the Hammer House of Horror/Karloff/Christopher Lee-type vampire, but have instead used the recent TV fashionable vampireness of “Twilight” and “Vampire Diaries” etc as our reference point.

Just to finish off, here’s a shot of the lovely Chloe, before and after a bit of digital jiggery-pokery. Done quite quickly as a bit of fun but hope you like it…

Chloe before and after being vampired.




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