Photography studio, gallery and training complex

New Blood

No, it’s not another vampire shoot. I thought you might like to see who’s been working at fotofilia lately (apart from myself and assistant Simon, that is). As it so happens, our three most recent team members came together for an exhibition of their own at fotofilia this week (starting on Monday and ending this weekend) with the ever-so-cheery title of “Glitter & Doom“.

It became apparent over the last six months or so that I was going to need some help with the gallery side of things, as I’d rather been neglecting the exhibition programme since the autumn while I concentrated on the rest of the business. So I brought in Jack Nelson and David Shepherd, both 2nd year photography degree students at the University of Wolverhampton, to become our in-house curators.

Since then, they’ve arranged, hung and unhung a few exhibitions. The most recent of these, being the one that neatly fitted in between two other exhibitions and features the work of David and Jack – plus fellow Wolves Uni student Anna Tedesco, who, rather conveniently, has also been working here over the last few months on an intern placement.

So here they are, hastily photographed during the launch of “Glitter and Doom” on Monday…

David Shepherd

David’s the one behind converting the main gallery room into what appears to be a cheap hotel room, complete with bed, table lamp, and repeats of “Last of the Summer Wine” on the TV.

Jack Nelson

Jack’s images occupy the lobby area at the moment.

Anna Tedesco

And Anna’s work can be seen in the corridor. But Anna is also responsible for “Gladys” who is in our front window…


And Gladys, Anna’s mannequin, is responsible for attracting a great many puzzled looks from passers-by.

So we’d like to welcome David and Jack aboard the good ship fotofilia.

And to wish Anna, whose stint as intern ends this week, all the very best for the rest of her studies and future career in photography. It’s been a pleasure working with you.


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