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A Studio Evening With No Cameras?

We’ve been running studio evenings (where small groups of photographers come along to shoot a model or two) for quite a few years now. We usually try to vary these events, and models, as much as possible. Sometimes we theme them – film noir, 60s, 70s, vampire, art nude, gothic, latex etc – but we’re about to try something that as far as we know, is at least a bit unusual, if not a first of its kind.

You may have read in previous posts about the occasions where I’ve brought in a model for a shoot and decided to do the whole thing on my iphone and leave my trusty Nikon in its nice comfy bag. Well someone (who I won’t name, but you know who you are) said “Ooh! I wish I could do that!” And so the idea for a phone-only studio evening was born.

Daisy, from a previous iphone shoot.

This event will be on Monday 18th June and will give five people the chance to shoot two models in a studio environment with their phones only. In fact, DSLR’s are banned in the studio that evening.

We will be using lighting from comparitively powerful “constant” light sources which has the advantage of allowing more than one person to shoot at a time, unlike flash-based shoots where we have to take turns to hook up to the studio flash equipment.

Another advantage to this kind of shoot, and which I hadn’t really anticipated, is that even photographers who might feel a bit intimidated or nervous about coming along to what seem to the uninitiated like a relatively “serious” studio shoot for “proper” cameras, have said that they are much more likely to attend a phone-only shoot.

The equipment is obviously minimal (any phone with a camera will do) but what we’ve found previously when I’ve been recording studio evenings on my iphone is that there is quite a bit of discussion and tip-swapping regarding the best camera apps to use. As we now (finally) have wi-fi at fotofilia, attendees will be able to use it to download any apps that they hear about on the night and decide to try.

For more details see!learn Book your place now – but leave the camera at home!

Hopefully, this will be the first of many such events.

Various shots of Kat from previous iphone shoots (taken by me)

Sam Knight (by me and the iphone)


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