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More Grim Photo Tales

Like many photographers, I can be my own worst critic – so from time to time I like to remind myself that I’m not so bad after all by browsing the rather wonderful “You are not a photographer” website ( I’ve featured it before but it’s just too funny not to re-visit.

Now I like a “baby bump” shot as much as the next guy (especially if the next guy has a strong constitution) but…



Did you see the comments? Another one…

Mmm, bet she’ll treasure this one forever. Perhaps stick it to the fridge door when she’s on a diet.

And I couldn’t exclude weddings, could I?

Is that us?

Here’s a cert for that coveted over-fireplace slot…

Remember children, choose your background carefully… and your wedding venue… and your props



Aw! Good old Shep. Or is it Lady? Or Spot? Who the hell can tell?



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