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Another Day With Katie-May


Katie-May: natural beauty


Some time ago, I published a post about a very varied day’s shoot with Katie-May, one of our regular (in a frequency sense) Fotofilia models. Well, we had another half day’s shoot earlier this year which again proved very fruitful. As luck would have it, we timed the shoot rather nicely, choosing one of the unseasonably sunny days in very early Spring (which at the time we thought might turn out to be our Summer).


The day began with some studio beauty-type shots and then some lingerie sets (something Katie-May doesn’t do much of, but perhaps should). And then we headed outside to take advantage of the rare sunshine. We began in the local cemetery – oh yes, I know how to make a gal feel special. At this point, Katie is dressed in a bright yellow summer dress and make-up artist Kate Lambie has done a great job of providing some suitably retro-but-modern make-up. The idea (as far as I was concerned) was to get some shots with a “Roman Holiday” look/feel. Katie-May manages to “time-slip” remarkably well given her tender years.

A bit of Snapseed Grunge

Despite the sunshine, it was still the closing overs of Winter here  in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and Katie-May was doing her best to look as though she wasn’t in fact freezing half to death and was actually strolling around on a balmy Mediterranean afternoon. Not an easy task. I was freezing – and I was wearing a jumper and jacket.

Back-lit plus reflector

When the need for some warming caffeine-based beverages proved too appealing to resist, we headed back to the studio via a cafe, where, to the staff’s amazement, we asked to sit outside where I could take a few more shots before Katie-May’s hypothermia reached debilitating levels. Finally, with blood sugar and temperature returning to normal levels, Katie-May had the opportunity to sit around on the edge of the pavement in the back-streets for a few last images (her idea, honest!).

Not nearly as warm as it looks

So the images you see here are just a small selection of images from the day. There were some lovely colour images too but these are just the monochrome versions, which I think I prefer in most cases. If you’re wondering, they were all processed in Lightroom, then a bit of Photoshop and the odd smidgen of Snapseed.

Hope you like ’em.

And finally…


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