Photography studio, gallery and training complex

From The Back Of The Sofa

During my weekly office tidy-up – okay, annual office tidy-up – I came across some old 120 negatives that I shot with my Holga many months ago, negatives that I haven’t even really looked at since having them developed. A bit dusty perhaps, a bit random certainly. But worth scanning, I thought.

So I asked my assistant Simon to scan them while I was teaching at the Botanical Gardens. Some of them were so underexposed (as I thought they would be) that neither the scanner nor Simon could tell where one frame ended and the next one began.

Nevertheless, there were a few “interesting” images among them. I did a very small amount of retouching on them (levels and cropping, mainly) and present them here for your amusement…

Even a Holga can’t hide the radiance of Emilie Walt

Birmingham Botanical gardens


My favourite. A purposely (honestly) under-exposed shot of my (blind) dad in happier, healthier days.

Katie-May looking decidedly retro.

As you can see, I didn’t even remove the dust. I’m a total maverick, I really am.


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