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Leanne James Comes To Fotofilia

I’m pleased to announce that the very first of our new “Studio Day” events will feature one of the UK’s top “alternative” models, and the 2012 face of La Riche cosmetics, Leanne James.

Leanne is in print more than Julian Assange of late, but obviously much more pleasing to look at and less likely to hide under the table at a foreign embassy. She somehow manages to combine an edgy tattooed rock’n’roll look with simple conventional, but outstanding, natural beauty. The following image is by Fotofilia regular Andy Watson at DRW Images and the person I have to thank for introducing me to the lovely Miss James…

“Leanne Vs Jessica” by kind permission of Andy Watson

Andy’s picture says it all, really. This is a great opportunity to photograph a truly exceptional model for a reasonable cost (an hour will cost you just £40 and that obviously includes the studio). Leanne’s a very busy lady but we’ve managed to book her for the whole of Saturday 22nd September. You can book Leanne by the hour but 2 hours would obviously give you much more creative scope and there’s the added incentive that if you book a two hour slot I will give you one hour free studio use to be taken at another time during gallery hours (Tues-Sat 10:30-3:30). Leanne has a great variety of outfits and does her own hair and make-up to a very high standard.

As soon as I mentioned I’d booked Leanne on the website, 2 hours were booked straight away so here’s what we now have available…


11am-1pm BOOKED







Email me to book your slot, but hurry!

Leanne on Facebook –!/pages/Leanne-James-Alternative-UK-Model/197157737012875

Andy Watson on Facebook –!/drw.images


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