Photography studio, gallery and training complex


image by Dominic Tranter

If I had a hat, I would take it off to Dave Shepherd, one of our curating team, for putting together the rather splendid “Illumination” exhibition which is now on display in the Fotofilia Gallery. “Illumination” is the work of four University of Wolverhampton photography students which centres on studio-based images.

The images in the flyer above are by Holly Smith. Here’s Dave’s description of the show…

“A photograph is a secret about a secret: the more it tells you the less you know” – D.A.

Fotofilia presents: Illumination – A collective of local Photographers all choosing to operate in the studio environment.

The title, Illumination, seemed particularly fitting for this exhibition, since each individual has consciously chosen to use artificial studio lighting to banish the darkness and illuminate their carefully posed subjects; thus controlling what you see and what you do not see.

And It is in this instance that influences begins to shine through; with a clear understanding of chiaroscuro (the study of light and dark), as well as a nod to their historical and contemporary peers such as Cindy Sherman, Irving Penn and Eleanor Antin.

The end result: a beautiful series of tableau images, which are not only visually stunning, but interesting and thought provoking.”

Image courtesy of Zowie Jane Hanagan

image by Emma Glasgow


Due to a busy week this is the first chance I’ve had to post this information but I do hope you’ll be able to come along and take a look for yourself.


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