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Want More Money For Weddings?

I know a man who can tell you how to defy the seemingly inevitable downward spiral of wedding photography pricing. This man is Paul Spiers, a friend of mine who runs an organisation called The Successful Photographers Club. A successful social photographer himself, Paul has been to Fotofilia on a number of occasions to speak to THE CLUB and f2 and offers guidance to photographers who, although competent technically/creatively, fall down a bit on the business side of their… erm… business.

Paul is running a one day workshop at Fotofilia on Thursday 1st November which if you are shooting (or thinking of shooting) weddings, you really shouldn’t miss. This isn’t actually a Fotofilia event as such but proceeds from the remarkably reasonable £35 booking fee go to the Marie Curie charity.

Here’s Paul’s own course info:

Would You Like To Charge More For Your Wedding Photography?


Over the past couple of years wedding photographers have felt under a great deal of pressure to lower their prices in order to remain competitive. And at the same time the industry has seen more and more people putting up a website and calling themselves a wedding photographer. The trouble is, if you have lowered your prices, all you have done is made the decision to make less money for the same amount of work, and that is a very dangerous spiral.

Cheap DSLRs and the popularity of  the “just capture the moments” style of photography has made a lot more people feel confident that they can shoot a wedding and make themselves a couple of hundred pounds holiday money on a Saturday afternoon, and the internet has made it easy for them to promote themselves.

I know a few photographers who have been shooting weddings for over 30 years and they all say that things have never been tougher than they are right now. And whilst I would agree that things are currently quite challenging, I also think there are great opportunities for those with the marketing skills to take advantage of them. I want to teach you those skills.

Learn how you can charge more without losing work

Learn how to take advantage of hard-wired human psychology that makes people want to say yes

Learn a 2 minute trick that will tell you what prospective clients think you are worth

Learn how to convert more prospects into customers

Learn how to get past objections like “we need to think about it” or “we have some others to see”

I want to help you because I want you to help me raise some money a very worthy cause. My Mother died of cancer related illness earlier this year and during the last few weeks of her life, she received a great deal of care, help and support from Marie Curie.

A friend of mine has very generously donated the use of his studio in Birmingham for free, which can seat 30 people. I did some quick sums in my head and figured that £35 per head would raise about £1,000 once Paypal has taken out their fees, and that is my goal. So here are the details:

on Thursday 1st November 2012

at 10am – 4.30pm with a break for lunch (food not included)

in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

Only £35 per person

Maximum of 30 people

Interested in improving your business whilst also supporting a great cause? Then you’ll need to book direct with Paul via this link –

I’ve personally attended one of Paul’s wedding courses and I can tell you honestly that I picked up some tips that I use to this day. Hope to see you there. Nuff said.


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