Photography studio, gallery and training complex

Heffy By Night

Those photographers who joined us for the “Urban Location Model Shoot” at the end of October were once again given the chance to shoot a great model in a few locations close to the studio here in Birmingham. This time it was the gorgeous Heffy Wheeler, a model who is no stranger to Fotofilia (she is one of top local photographer Andy Watson‘s models of choice – and for good reason).

As usual, I get to take just a few shots to test the lighting, exposure and to demonstrate a few posing ideas to the group, but here are a few images from the evening…

Heffy, with gelled flash on the ceiling…

Heffy and Brum skyline. I experimented with the treatment a bit.

Heffy with green gel on wall behind.

Heffy in one of our favourite locations.




This is probably the last of these events I run for a month or two while we get the worst of the weather out of the way (hopefully) – I’d rather not expose my Bowens battery kit to the extremes of the West Midlands winter. But I’m always sourcing new locations and new themes so keep an eye on the “Learn” page of our website –!learn



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