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If You Can’t Beat Magritte…

I recently realised that I’ve been using the same avatar for my Facebook and other sites (including this one) for something like the last 18 months. And so when the model in that image, Emilie Walt, came in for some fresh headshots last week, it seemed like a good opportunity to update my profiles with some new shots.

I started by taking some new versions of the old shot, using a single light and a reflector, but this time with Emilie wearing virtually no make-up. But then, Emilie never actually needs any. As I’ve said rather a lot in my blog, Emilie has the most flawless complexion I’ve ever seen on a model and so the image seen here is virtually straight out of camera.

Emilie Walt. Copyright David Rann 2012

Emilie Walt. Copyright David Rann 2012

I’d asked Emile to bring along a bow tie (which she duly “borrowed” from her dad) and… a moustache. I had a vague idea about creating a pastiche of Rene Magritte‘s “Son of Man” painting…

I already had a bowler hat at the studio (it’s a long story) and brought in my own black jacket and white shirt. However, in my mind I imagined the character in the painting wearing a bow-tie when in fact he was wearing a red tie. I had also imagined what he might look like without the apple in front of his face and somehow decided he would have a moustache. I now realise I may have been confusing him with fellow Belgians from the Tintin stories.

But here’s the final full image which has become my new avatar just about all over the place…

My homage to Magritte featuring Emile Walt. Copyright David Rann 2012

My homage to Magritte featuring Emile Walt. Copyright David Rann 2012

AND, if you’d like the opportunity to photograph the lovely Emile for yourself, I can reveal now that I have asked Emile to be our model for a special Model Day at Fotofilia on Saturday 16th February. As Fotofilia regulars will know, Emilie is a trained dancer and so if you’d like any ballet or musical theatre-styled images, this is your chance. She is also blessed with one of the most photogenic faces you will ever photograph. An hour with Emile including studio hire/lighting and technical help costs just £33. Contact us to book.


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