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Boosting Your Wedding Photography Business

A couple of months ago, Fotofilia hosted a one day wedding photography workshop which was put together and delivered by Paul Spiers of the Successful Photographers Club in aid of the Marie Curie charity in memory of his late mother. The workshop was a sell-out and raised over £1000 for the charity, with delegates travelling from as far away as Ireland.

Paul Spiers

Paul Spiers

Well, Paul is back this Friday (4th January) with another inspirational workshop aimed at wedding photographers, and especially those who’d rather like a few more bookings, and better returns from those bookings. The workshop is priced at a very modest £95 which includes lunch. Here’s Paul’s description of the course…

Are Your Wedding Bookings Down on Previous Years?

 There are a number of possible reasons for this, the recession, less people getting married, less people who are getting married hiring a photographer, and more people calling themselves a wedding photographer are reasons many photographers give. And whilst those reasons might seem to be true, in reality they are just excuses.

A wedding photographer is no different to any other business, in that the amount of business you do will be relative to the amount of “successful” marketing that you do. Do mainly unsuccessful marketing and you’ll feel like you’re doing your bit to attract new clients, but in reality you’re not.

Online forums can be a wealth of great information but they can also be a death sentence for your marketing, because just about every forum will have a post where a photographer has tried a marketing tactic that has not worked for them, and a couple of other people chime in and say they experienced the same results. This will put many people off trying the same tactic but is that the right course of action? What should you do? Are you hanging your hopes of business success on an online forum?

On January 4th 2013 I’m putting the record straight!

 I’m hosting a marketing seminar exclusively for wedding photography where you will learn:

7 Unique , low cost ways to attract more clients

Why 95% of all marketing fails

Why your website may be stopping brides from contacting you

1 Simple trick that could triple your enquiry rate overnight

Why some enquirers never respond to your replies and how you can change that in less than 2 minutes

7 Simple tricks to get more of your website visitors to contact you

The bare bones of SEO, it’s not as hard as you might think

How to incorporate social media into your marketing mix

7 ways to drive brides to your website – and 5 of them are free

With January being one of the busiest months of the year for wedding enquiries, this seminar has been time so that you can start using what you’ve learned as soon as you get back to base. This is a full day seminar starting at 10:30 am, going through till 4:00 pm with a break for lunch. The venue is Fotofilia Studio and Gallery in Birmingham, just outside the city centre.

With tickets priced at only £95, just one extra wedding booking will more than cover the investment in your education.”

There are only a couple of spaces left so please contact Paul direct via


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