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Looking Forward To 2013.

Happy New Year!

I’ve had my review of 2012 so let’s look forward to 2013. Here, in a very small nutshell, is what Fotofilia has in mind for the next twelve months…

  • Studio 2. Yes, as soon as the current exhibition comes down we’ll be working on converting the main gallery room into a second studio space. No background rolls this time though, just some papered walls and nice floor coverings with a 60’s/70’s area, a prettily feminine boudoir area, and a grafitti backdrop all permanently set up. The idea is obviously that this will provide a bit more variety for our clients whilst easing the studio hire “bottleneck” periods.
  • A new venture: For the past couple of months I’ve been planning and setting up a website for a new branch of the business. I’ll say no more for now but it involves taking what is essentially a West Midlands-based business out to the wider world.
  • Consolidation: More – and a wider range of – courses and workshops including the “Masterclass” range of courses led by specialist tutors. All this, as well as developing all other aspects of the business.
  • Multimedia: We were (and continue to be) at the forefront of photographic technological advances, being the first to offer “iphoneography” courses, running the Birmingham Instagram Group etc. We will be continuing this by running a new multimedia aspect to the business starting with a major multimedia competition for our CLUB and f2 members and hopefully growing into a regular public event.
  • And for me personally… It looks as though there is an exhibition in the offing for me in Greece where I will be exhibiting some of a recent series of iphone composite images. I also intend to carry on various other ongoing photographic projects including the documentation of Priory Park Amateur Boxing Club that featured in last year’s “Pride of the Black Country” exhibition.

That’s all for now but let’s make 2013 a good ‘un.


2 responses

  1. mattleachphotography

    Very excited about the new areas in the studio!

    January 13, 2013 at 8:03 am

    • Thanks Matt! Been hanging on for this exhibition to come down. Told it will be Tuesday so can then get cracking.

      January 13, 2013 at 8:12 pm

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