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Off The Wall: “Birmingham Noir” Goes Greek

I’ve had quite a few exhibitions over the years but the next one in my calendar, a group show called “Off The Wall“, is something of a first in two ways. To begin with, it’s my first overseas exhibition, and will take place at Stigma Lab gallery in Athens, Greece (!/StigmaSquad) from 1st to the 26th of March.

My good friend, the excellent street photographer, Gareth Jukes is curating the show and has pulled together seven artists working in very different media. The line-up also includes Christophe Dillinger ( who I first met when I exhibited alongside him at Viewfinder gallery in London a few years ago. Christophe has since been a regular visitor to Fotofilia and is also the editor-in-chief of the excellent online Square Magazine So the full list of exhibitors is, in Gareth’s words…

“Gareth Jukes, artist from Birmingham England. His artwork has been exhibited & published internationally. His large scale street art paste-ups have attracted the attention of several art collectors and art dealers in England. Most recent art work was a 32ft tall paste up inside the Public Art Gallery West Bromwich, England.

Christophe Dillinger, experimental photographer from France , writer, publisher and editor-in-chief of Square Magazine, whose work has been shown in Europe , Russia &  U.S.A.

Rebecca Woodcock, sculptor, winner of the Wedgwood Porcelain and Bronze Award. Her work reflects upon everyday life whilst exploring contemporary concerns with inter-personal relationships that reflect on philosophical and emotional engagement, blending elements of figuration and abstraction that encompass image and ground.

David Rann, award winning photographer, currently director of the Fotofilia Gallery in Birmingham, England. David has curated major exhibitions by over 200 emerging and established artists at his Gallery over the last 5 years

Emma Perry, West Midlands artist who works with mixed medias. Her sculptures ‘contain’ colour and she is interested in the internal & the external forms and spaces created in her work.

Julio Orphanides, a Cypriot-born video artist and painter whose works received major compliment when exhibited in a number of successful gallery exhibitions across England in the last two years.

Guy Holness is an emerging young British artist who works in a variety of medias including spray paint, sculpture, photography, and drawing. He is currently developing and coordinating creative arts projects with youth organisations across Europe. The Inspiration Network, a programme that he recently set up brought young people together from, England, Holland and Croatia to participate in a number of creative arts workshop.”

So that’s the “who”. Now for the “what”. The second way on which this is new for me is that for the first time ever, I am exhibiting images taken and edited solely on iphone and ipad.  My project title is “Birmingham Noir” and the images are mainly (but not entirely) composite works consisting of a head-and-shoulders portrait combined with a separately-taken background. The subjects are a mixture of models and friends that, quite simply, I think fit the “noir-esque” mood. The viewer is invited to construct their own narratives.

Here are a few of the images to be shown…

"Laura". Copyright David Rann 2013

“Laura”. Copyright David Rann 2013

"Nadeem". Copyright David Rann 2013

“Nadeem”. Copyright David Rann 2013

"Sam". Copyright David Rann 2013

“Sam”. Copyright David Rann 2013

I’ll post a few more shortly. But for now, if you happen to be in Athens in March, look us up…

Exhibition Opening: Friday 1st March 20:00 – 00:00.
Exhibition will be on until 25 of March.

Time Schedule
Monday-Saturday 13:00 – 20:00.
Sundays (only by appointment)

Stigma Lab:
Andrea Metaxa 4 , Exarhia District.
Athens, Greece

Contact Info:
Tel: +306972087530
Tel: +306948485845!/events/287801581347028/


4 responses

  1. Best of luck with your latest venture! Beautiful portraits.

    February 16, 2013 at 5:32 pm

  2. I love the Nadeem portrait, it would look great on any wall David

    February 20, 2013 at 12:57 am

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