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“On The Eleven” By Danny Taylor & Jacqui Rowe

Another entry from this year’s Fotofilia CLUB/f2 multimedia competition and as if to demonstrate the high standard of the work submitted, this entry wasn’t a winner but deserves mention not least because of the amount of work and organisation that went into it.

The last film I showed you I described as a “hymn to vinyl”. If so, this one is more of a “hymn to a bus route” – and in particular the Number 11 bus route that encircles Birmingham city and is well known to most brummies as simply “the eleven”. The photographer, Danny Taylor, teamed up with poet Jacqui Rowe for the project (having been put in touch by my friend, the poet Emma Purshouse). With Danny providing the images and Jacqui writing and narrating the poem soundtrack, the result is an atmospheric tribute to an iconic feature of Birmingham life. Danny recorded Jacqui’s poem actually on the bus route which, while making some of the poem harder to hear above the traffic, gives an extra layer of atmosphere to the piece.

I was very impressed with the incredible level of collaboration and ingenuity that went into this short film. Hope you like it too.


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