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Is That You?

“Hey David, I noticed you got a mention in Prima magazine!” (message recieved on Facebook from Eileen Clews, a former student and club member).

I knew nothing about it, of course, Prima not (to be honest) one of the magazines I regularly read. So I dashed to the local newsagent and bought the November issue. I scoured the pages over a cappuccino (ignoring the looks of fellow coffee-slurpers) and couldn’t find a blimming thing. So I handed it to Rob Manison who’d come along for coffee and a chat, and he couldn’t find anything either. Convinced there must either be a mistake, or I was the victim of a wind-up, I finally began to wonder if it had been in an earlier issue so asked everyone I knew (mom, sisters etc) if they had a copy of the October issue and sure enough, there it was, an article about one of my former students Morag Cutts, who attended one of my 10 week “DSLR For Beginners” courses at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens a few years ago and went on to follow that up with a few more of my courses plus an NCFE Level 2 at a local college.


Thanks to Morag for the name-check. Much appreciated!



2 responses

  1. nigal goodship

    nice to be appreciated, about time in my opinion

    October 15, 2013 at 10:02 am

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