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Night Life

We’ve been running our Night Photo Safari events for quite a few years now and you may have seen images from past events here on these pages. But this is a first: one of our attendees, Kevin Harper, took this shot of the group photographing our model Dean Smith in one of our regular locations. The pillock kneeling down in the parka and back-to-front hat is yours truly.

Image courtesy of Fotofilia club member Kevin Harper.

Image courtesy of Fotofilia club member Kevin Harper.

I’ve lost count of the number of these events we’ve run over the years, and the number of people who’ve taken part, but the idea has been copied many times (one company even copied the name “Night Photo Safari” – cheeky!). For obvious reasons we run most Night Safaris during Autumn and Winter so attendees are warned to dress up warmly. Sadly, the models bear the brunt of the near-polar conditions and this particular occasion was no exception – poor Dean was visibly shivering and sporting a red nose before long. But so far, we have only cancelled one event because of the weather – and that was because the snow was falling too rapidly to justify driving to the studio. Snow underfoot? No problem. In fact we laugh in the face of light precipitation. We tweak the nipples of freezing fog. Hardcore, that’s our Night Photo Safari clients.

Thanks again for the photo, Kevin!


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