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Neo-Bailey For Teenage Cancer Trust

A re-blog from my personal site about a charity calendar I’ve been involved in.

David Rann Photographer

With 2014 fast approaching, it is probably a suitable time to finally tell you about a calendar shoot I did quite a few months ago. I was asked by Kate Ross-Kellam, the lady behind the West Midlands’ March of The Mods charity campaign on behalf of the Teenage Cancer Trust, to create some images for a charity calendar.

I am asked to shoot (or contribute to) several charity calendars a year but because of work/studio commitments, I try to do at least one. As an ex-Mod myself and a big lover of everything Mod-related, this sounded right up my street, not least because Kate was open to the idea of doing something a bit… well, classier… than the usual “calendar girls” style, “February = model with hearts, December = model with Christmas tree” rubbish.

Over a couple of coffees, we came up with the idea of re-shooting some…

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Call Off The Search

In the months spent looking for the new studio space, we looked around some awesome – that’s awesome in a photographic sense rather than the “suitable for Fotofilia” sense- buildings in various parts of Birmingham city.

To help the decision process, I took quite a few photographs along the way on the iphone and ipad and couldn’t resist playing around with them. So here are a few potential studios that got away… And the weird stuff found inside…