Photography studio, gallery and training complex

From The Floorboards Up (part 2)

January was a very busy month for us at Fotofilia. We spent many hours redecorating the studio from top to bottom, threw away a LOT of stuff, and transformed our redundant former gallery room into a second studio space – we even had to pull up and trim a few floorboards. Here are a few more photographs of Fotofilia as it is now…

The lobby


Lobby and corridor

The kitchen

And here is Studio 2…

The graffiti walls

Studio 2's forest mural wall and aluminium chequer-plate wall

In addition to the graffiti walls, chequer-plate wall and the forest mural, there is a plain wall which can accommodate colorama rolls. The idea behind the second studio space was to provide as wide a range of creative possibilities as we could and with another background area to be set up in Studio 1 in the coming weeks, we think we now have plenty of inspirational settings for our shoots/hirers.

Studios 1 and 2 can be hired individually or together.


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