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Good Day At t’Mill

Here are a few iphone pics from the recent Fotofilia CLUB/f2 trip to Sarehole Mill, Hall Green, Birmingham. We were only there for a couple of hours and at least part of that was spent in the cosy little cafe (fresh coffee cake that morning). But it’s a nice little place to toddle around with your camera. As usual, I took both my DSLR and my iphone, and as usual, I still haven’t edited the DSLR images as yet.

Window. Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013.

Window. Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013.

Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013

Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013

Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013

Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013

Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013

Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013


Using the "marblecam" app. Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013

Using the “marblecam” app. Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013

health and safety, miller-style. Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013

health and safety, miller-style. Sarehole Mill. Copyright David Rann 2013

Apparently, a certain young man by the name of Tolkien played around the mill as a child and it was thought to have inspired locations in his books. I can certainly see how the cake might be hobbit-forming. Yes, I know. It’s been a long day.


Yankee Doodle Nettie

Well, it finally seems as though the rest of the planet is waking up to what we at Fotofilia have known for yonks – that our mate Nettie Edwards is a pioneer and genius of the mobile photography world. Never one to blow her own trumpet, I’m happy to give a quick fanfare on her behalf.

Nettie, who is leading another of her ground-breaking mobile photography courses here in November, has just been named Mobile Photographer of the Year in the 2013 ax3 American Aperture Awards. As if that wasn’t enough, images from her Versailles Grand Canal also won the Mobile Landscape, Seascape and Nature category AND her iPhone video artwork Harriet’s Breathing won the Mobile Moving Image and Video category. No mean feat.

A HUGE congratulations to Nettie from Fotofilia! Read more and see more of her work at

Here’s just one of her beautiful, and now award-winning, images…

Image copyright Nettie Edwards

Image copyright Nettie Edwards

A Bit More “Birmingham Noir”

Here are a few more images from my contribution towards the forthcoming “Off The Wall” exhibition at Stigma Lab in Athens, Greece. Remember all taken and deited on an iphone4 and ipad…

"Daisy". Copyright David Rann 2013

“Daisy”. Copyright David Rann 2013

"Joel". Copyright David Rann 2013

“Joel”. Copyright David Rann 2013

"Louise". Copyright David Rann 2013

“Louise”. Copyright David Rann 2013

"Jo". Copyright David Rann 2013

“Jo”. Copyright David Rann 2013

More information at:!/StigmaSquad

Off The Wall: “Birmingham Noir” Goes Greek

I’ve had quite a few exhibitions over the years but the next one in my calendar, a group show called “Off The Wall“, is something of a first in two ways. To begin with, it’s my first overseas exhibition, and will take place at Stigma Lab gallery in Athens, Greece (!/StigmaSquad) from 1st to the 26th of March.

My good friend, the excellent street photographer, Gareth Jukes is curating the show and has pulled together seven artists working in very different media. The line-up also includes Christophe Dillinger ( who I first met when I exhibited alongside him at Viewfinder gallery in London a few years ago. Christophe has since been a regular visitor to Fotofilia and is also the editor-in-chief of the excellent online Square Magazine So the full list of exhibitors is, in Gareth’s words…

“Gareth Jukes, artist from Birmingham England. His artwork has been exhibited & published internationally. His large scale street art paste-ups have attracted the attention of several art collectors and art dealers in England. Most recent art work was a 32ft tall paste up inside the Public Art Gallery West Bromwich, England.

Christophe Dillinger, experimental photographer from France , writer, publisher and editor-in-chief of Square Magazine, whose work has been shown in Europe , Russia &  U.S.A.

Rebecca Woodcock, sculptor, winner of the Wedgwood Porcelain and Bronze Award. Her work reflects upon everyday life whilst exploring contemporary concerns with inter-personal relationships that reflect on philosophical and emotional engagement, blending elements of figuration and abstraction that encompass image and ground.

David Rann, award winning photographer, currently director of the Fotofilia Gallery in Birmingham, England. David has curated major exhibitions by over 200 emerging and established artists at his Gallery over the last 5 years

Emma Perry, West Midlands artist who works with mixed medias. Her sculptures ‘contain’ colour and she is interested in the internal & the external forms and spaces created in her work.

Julio Orphanides, a Cypriot-born video artist and painter whose works received major compliment when exhibited in a number of successful gallery exhibitions across England in the last two years.

Guy Holness is an emerging young British artist who works in a variety of medias including spray paint, sculpture, photography, and drawing. He is currently developing and coordinating creative arts projects with youth organisations across Europe. The Inspiration Network, a programme that he recently set up brought young people together from, England, Holland and Croatia to participate in a number of creative arts workshop.”

So that’s the “who”. Now for the “what”. The second way on which this is new for me is that for the first time ever, I am exhibiting images taken and edited solely on iphone and ipad.  My project title is “Birmingham Noir” and the images are mainly (but not entirely) composite works consisting of a head-and-shoulders portrait combined with a separately-taken background. The subjects are a mixture of models and friends that, quite simply, I think fit the “noir-esque” mood. The viewer is invited to construct their own narratives.

Here are a few of the images to be shown…

"Laura". Copyright David Rann 2013

“Laura”. Copyright David Rann 2013

"Nadeem". Copyright David Rann 2013

“Nadeem”. Copyright David Rann 2013

"Sam". Copyright David Rann 2013

“Sam”. Copyright David Rann 2013

I’ll post a few more shortly. But for now, if you happen to be in Athens in March, look us up…

Exhibition Opening: Friday 1st March 20:00 – 00:00.
Exhibition will be on until 25 of March.

Time Schedule
Monday-Saturday 13:00 – 20:00.
Sundays (only by appointment)

Stigma Lab:
Andrea Metaxa 4 , Exarhia District.
Athens, Greece

Contact Info:
Tel: +306972087530
Tel: +306948485845!/events/287801581347028/

Something A Bit Rudie

I’ve done quite a lot of band photography over the years. I was also a music promoter, fanzine contributor and a musician myself. But it’s not often I get the opportunity to photograph my own band.

This happened recently when I was asked to shoot some promo images, and a possible CD cover for Birmingham ska/Mod/soul covers band Rudie & The Revolvers – a band that I played bass for when they first started out until just after their first gig when work commitments meant I had trouble finding the time for rehearsals (I was in another band at the time too). So they’re actually my former band. As usual, I left just at the wrong time as the band have gone on to play at venues and festivals all over the country and have even appeared on the same line-up as some of my musical heroes. Ho hum. At least I get to take the pictures.

So the band rolled up at Fotofilia one Saturday morning along with a lovely white 1960’s Mercedes which they wanted included in the images. My brief was a bit erm… sparse. Sean (saxophonist) had asked for a look not dissimilar to that of the Specials from their first album and/or also possibly the “Ghost Town” video also by the Specials. So I began to wonder how I was going to get all 6 band members in this car, and also how do I make it look like night-time when it’s actually a sunny summer’s day.

One option was to head under one of the nearby rail bridges where the light could be more easily controlled but again, fitting everyone plus satisfactory lighting in this car was going to be a problem. It so happened that Regents Parade, where Fotofilia is situated, was in shade at that time of the day and so we used that as the location for many of the shots – the industrial architecture of the street happened to fit in nicely too. As long as we worked quickly, the shade of the building would limit the range of contrast in the shot.

I got around the “how do you get six musicians in a vintage car” quandary by putting some of the band in the car (arranging them carefully in terms of height/size etc) and the remainder on the pavement on the far side of the car but visible through the open windows. I shot a few more inside the studio – in the corridor, in fact – and around the corner of the street in what has been called “your green doorway”, a setting for more of my shoots than I can recall.

In the much-photographed corridor

I shot everything in colour but given the “Specials” brief, fully expected to convert everything to black and white. However, I also produced “normal” colour and “cross-processed” colour versions and it was the “cross-processed” effect which best suited the look/feel/era we were trying to create. I shot the main images on my Nikon DSLR but also shot quite a few on my iphone which were the “rushes” that I sent to the band to see what they thought.

Thankfully the band liked the images so much that they were indeed used for their debut CD “Ska’d to the Soul”. They even asked me to do the CD cover layout design which I was happy to do as this is something (along with gig posters) that I’ve been know to do a few of in the past. Anyway, here’s the final covers…

CD Front cover

Want one? Contact the band via and!/pages/RUDIE-AND-THE-REVOLVERS/92197738357

CD Back cover

A Studio Evening With No Cameras?

We’ve been running studio evenings (where small groups of photographers come along to shoot a model or two) for quite a few years now. We usually try to vary these events, and models, as much as possible. Sometimes we theme them – film noir, 60s, 70s, vampire, art nude, gothic, latex etc – but we’re about to try something that as far as we know, is at least a bit unusual, if not a first of its kind.

You may have read in previous posts about the occasions where I’ve brought in a model for a shoot and decided to do the whole thing on my iphone and leave my trusty Nikon in its nice comfy bag. Well someone (who I won’t name, but you know who you are) said “Ooh! I wish I could do that!” And so the idea for a phone-only studio evening was born.

Daisy, from a previous iphone shoot.

This event will be on Monday 18th June and will give five people the chance to shoot two models in a studio environment with their phones only. In fact, DSLR’s are banned in the studio that evening.

We will be using lighting from comparitively powerful “constant” light sources which has the advantage of allowing more than one person to shoot at a time, unlike flash-based shoots where we have to take turns to hook up to the studio flash equipment.

Another advantage to this kind of shoot, and which I hadn’t really anticipated, is that even photographers who might feel a bit intimidated or nervous about coming along to what seem to the uninitiated like a relatively “serious” studio shoot for “proper” cameras, have said that they are much more likely to attend a phone-only shoot.

The equipment is obviously minimal (any phone with a camera will do) but what we’ve found previously when I’ve been recording studio evenings on my iphone is that there is quite a bit of discussion and tip-swapping regarding the best camera apps to use. As we now (finally) have wi-fi at fotofilia, attendees will be able to use it to download any apps that they hear about on the night and decide to try.

For more details see!learn Book your place now – but leave the camera at home!

Hopefully, this will be the first of many such events.

Various shots of Kat from previous iphone shoots (taken by me)

Sam Knight (by me and the iphone)

Back Into Lumilyon’s Den


Image by Nettie Edwards


Fotofilia regular, Smethwick‘s second most famous celebrity (next to Julie Walters), and my good mate, Nettie Edwards returns to fotofilia this Sunday (27th May, 11am-4pm) for a kind of “follow-on” to her previous iPhoneography courses, entitled “Next Steps in iPhoneography”.

This one, she tells me, will be more practical in emphasis and will include, among other things, printing and layering. So if you think you’d like to push your iphone photography along a tad, get yerself booked on to this workshop. Nettie is always entertaining, and as one of the country’s top iphoneographers, is the ideal person to spend a summer afternoon ishooting with.

Here’s a few more examples of her work to whet your appetite…

Image by Nettie Edwards


Image by Nettie Edwards

To get a place on the course, email me first to see if there’s space, then pay online at!pay

See more of Nettie’s work at