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The Happiest Days Of Your Life?

I occasionally shoot schools – in the photographic sense, you understand, not in the Columbine or Boomtown Rats sense. I do this always with the distant memory of that awkward “sit and smile for the camera” moment from my own childhood lurking somewhere in my psyche, inflicting the same measure of brief discomfort followed by years of embarrassment on my victims (I’m kidding. Maybe).

But if you thought your school photos were bad, you might like to check out some of these howlers. This wondrous collection of “hang above the mantelpiece to keep the kids away from the fire” portraits are the studio (and other) shots that taste forgot. Thank you to Meredith Carroll for very nearly making me spit hot tea all over my laptop amid a hysterics fit. And thanks to Sue Edkins for bringing it to my attention (dry cleaning bill is in the post – thanks a bunch).

Here’s a couple of examples – but first put down the cup.